End Of Shift: When Shift Work Damages Your Health And Work Life

Posted on: 16 October 2020

It's a job that has to be done no matter the hour. Shift workers fill positions so that others can rest easy. They are the law enforcement, medical personal, and even factory workers that perform their work during almost any time period. Shift work can be difficult on personal relationships, parenting, and other areas of life but this way of working all hours may also have a negative effect on the health of those workers. Read on to find out why shift work can be harmful and the resources a worker can use to help them deal with those issues.

What Circadian Rhythm Has To Do With It

Your internal body clock tells you when it's time to go to sleep, wake up, and more. Brains are more active and alert during daytime hours and workers that need to stay sharp during other times may find things difficult. The body uses what is called circadian rhythm to regulate waking and sleeping cycles and doing things the other way around can cause harm in the form of shift work disorder. This medical issue is the catch-all for any medical, emotional, and mental issues resulting from performing shift work. Being tired or fatigued while trying to work is not only annoying but can cost lives. It can also lead to mood disorders, hypertension, and more. Working when you should be sleeping could increase stress levels that can lead to several related medical problems.

How to Take Action

You may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits if you are a shift worker affected by stress or other problems related to working during the night. If you are suffering from unexplained medical or emotional problems, you might suspect shift work as the cause. If so, be sure you:

  1. Seek medical treatment and be sure to let the doctor know you are a shift worker.
  2. Let your direct supervisor know that you have been diagnosed with a disorder related to shift work.
  3. See to it that a workers' compensation claim is filed on your behalf (or file the claim yourself, depending on your workplace rules).
  4. Keep a journal of your symptoms and the way shift work is affecting you.

If your claim is denied, speak to a workers' compensation lawyer for help. You are entitled to be paid medical expenses along with a partial salary for work-related conditions, but things can be more complex when it comes to difficult-to-prove issues like shift work disorder. Contact a workers compensation law firm for more information.


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