Suing Your Employer For Wrongful Termination

Posted on: 18 October 2021

Employers are prohibited under law to fire workers for flimsy reasons such as disliking them. Federal and state laws have outlined the circumstances under which someone can lose their job. However, if your employer fires you without following these laws, you can sue them for wrongful termination. It is possible to win such a case with the help of an employment lawyer by proving your employer violated your rights. You should follow the recommended procedures when pursuing a wrongful termination claim, or you might lose the case. The following sections will elaborate on steps that you should take when fired unfairly:

Retain a Reputable Employment Lawyer

It is crucial to work with an employment lawyer from the onset of the matter. These legal experts have the relevant professional competence that can improve your odds of winning the case. You will benefit from their experience and legal knowledge if you retain them as soon as you lose your job. An employment lawyer will go over your case and determine whether or not you have a valid claim. This process may be daunting to do by yourself, especially if you have no legal training or experience. Some people only hire employment attorneys after they have tried to get their jobs back unsuccessfully. If you decide to wait, your employer may compromise your claim making it difficult for your attorney to defend you in court.

Gather Supporting Evidence

The only way to prove to a judge that your employer fired you illegally is by providing sufficient evidence. It would help if you looked for documents and statements that outline the unfair dismissal. With enough evidence, the judge will have no choice but to rule the case in your favor. However, not all documents are relevant, and your employment lawyer can help you pick critical pieces of evidence to the claim. They can help you get witness statements from your co-workers who witnessed any discrimination or unfair practices at the workplace. These pieces of evidence can help your attorney develop a strong case and calculate the compensation sum you deserve.

Get Your Attorney to Negotiate on Your Behalf

Many unlawful termination issues end with negotiations between the employer and employee. Sometimes, it is unnecessary to go to trial and waste time and money going back and forth in court. If you have a strong case, your employer may be willing to settle the matter outside court rather than ruin their reputation. When this happens, get your employment lawyer to negotiate on your behalf. They are trained negotiators who can protect you from being bullied or coerced into settling for a lower compensation sum than you deserve. Contact an employment lawyer for more information.


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