Harry Hughes

  • When Hiring An FMLA Lawyer Can Prove Helpful

    Most employees today have the right to take off from work for medical and disability reasons. And yet, sometimes issues can come out when employees seek these breaks. If you're an employee currently dealing with the following particular work-leave situations, hiring an FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) attorney is a good idea. Outright Denial You may put in your request for medical or disability leave and have it denied. This shouldn't happen as there are laws in place to protect employees from this exact situation.
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  • End Of Shift: When Shift Work Damages Your Health And Work Life

    It's a job that has to be done no matter the hour. Shift workers fill positions so that others can rest easy. They are the law enforcement, medical personal, and even factory workers that perform their work during almost any time period. Shift work can be difficult on personal relationships, parenting, and other areas of life but this way of working all hours may also have a negative effect on the health of those workers.
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